Hagi no Yado

Hot Spring

Hagi Hot Spring Village invites you to experience healing in waters known for their moisturizing and warming effects

Hagi Hot Spring Village is a general term that comprises eight hot spring sources within the city of Hagi.
There are also hot springs that are rich in minerals and taste like the sea.
The Tomoe baths allow visitors a rich experience of a natural Hagi hot spring.
Although the baths are somewhat smaller than those in large-scale hotels, guests can soak away their weariness in a natural hot spring lined with black granite under a ceiling of Japanese cypress.


Warm relaxation in an
atatamari no yu

The hot spring at Tomoe is a chloride spring. This is one type of hot spring that is particularly numerous in Japan.
It is known by other names as well, including netsu no yu (heat spring) and atatamari no yu (warming spring).
These names are said to have been given because the components of this hot spring produce heat retention effects by preventing the evaporation of sweat.
The water is also considered beneficial to persons with injuries, neurological pain, and joint pain. The chloride component gently envelops the skin and acts as a natural moisturizer.
Please enjoy a leisurely soak that will warm and relax your body.