Hagi no Yado

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A trip for encountering the culture of Hagi, rich with beautiful nature and a long history

As the longtime home of Tomoe, Hagi is place where evidence of history is always close at hand.
Heian Bridge was once an entrance leading into the castle town.
Crossing this stone bridge, visitors encounter a town of white walls that prospered at the foot of Hagi Castle.
Shoka Sonjuku became a school that later produced many prominent figures who were active in the new Meiji government, and the school became one of the famous sites of Hagi.
In the same way, the stone monument on the grounds of Shoin Shrine reads “Birthplace of the Meiji Restoration”. The original scroll bearing this calligraphy is on exhibit at Tomoe.

image:White walled town

The changing flow of colors in Hagi scenery

The otherworldy beauty of the Kasayama Camelia Groves is not only a sight while the flowers are in bloom, but is also known for its changing expressions in each of the four seasons.
Kikugahama Beach, a popular swimming beach during the summer, is located around 12 minutes’ walk from Tomoe. The contrast of the evening sea, mountains, and setting sun is a spectacular sight.
The scenery which changes little by little with the seasons and the height of the sun above the horizon never fails to make a deep impression on visitors.

Try taking a walk in a kimono for sightseeing with a different feel

Hagi City in Yamaguchi Prefecture was selected for the Grand Prize at the first nationwide Best Cities for Kimono awards.
Tomoe offers a collaboration plan with the rental kimono provider Fukuya.
Wear a kimono for a stroll around the castle town, a meal at a local restaurant, a visit to Shoin Shrine, or a break in a fashionable café. Does this kind of visit to Hagi sound good to you?
Please contact Tomoe for details.

image:A town that looks good in a kimono
Wonderful HAGI (Yamaguchi Prefecture)
Wonderful HAGI (Yamaguchi Prefecture)