Hagi no Yado

For 100 years since its founding,
Tomoe has been handed down from generation to generation.

Tomoe was established in 1925 as the “State Guesthouse of Hagi”.
Since that time, Tomoe has been dedicated to protecting its most important element.

That is our essential spirit of hospitality to our guests.
Be stimulated by a delicious meal featuring abundant local ingredients while gazing at an enchanting
Japanese garden.
Enjoy a quiet, beautiful, and luxurious time at Tomoe.

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Traditional delicacies for today, honoring the customary flow of kaiseki dining

We bear a responsibility to serve foods that are suitable for our status as the State Guesthouse of Hagi.
We take our ingredients seriously and use high-quality foods to prepare top-class dishes.
This is our creed as we strive to create meals that will delight our guests while maintaining the traditions of a long-running business.

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Elegant healing in a supremely blissful space

The guest rooms of this lodge that began operating in 1925 were designed to create an atmosphere that gives shape to the Japanese sense of aesthetics.
Enjoy the ultimate relaxing time amidst comfortable tranquility and warm hospitality.

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